Disco Suicide Podcast 001: Alien Alien

We are proud to have italian stallions Alien Alien on board for the debut podcast of our new project DISCO SUICIDE! After releasing their heavily played dancefloor gems ‘Black Guru’ on Slow Motion Records and ‘The Nights’ on DiscaireAlien Alien akaRodion and Hugo Sanchez are now set to release their third EP ‘One By One’ (12″ / DLD) on Remain‘s Meant Records. The EP features remixes by Tel-Avien producer duo Red Axes and Rodion besides the original tracks ‘One By One’ And ‘Soter’.

Enjoy this powerful 107 min mix featuring DJ Koze, Max Jones, Front De Cadeaux, Daniel Avery and many more with lots of unreleased material (tracks below with *) and support the artists by sharing it!


01. Cut Hands – Mamba Muntu
02. Alien Alien – One By One
03. Earl Grey – Through The City (Alien Alien Remix)
04. Max Jones – Perros
05. Anna Clementi & Alien Alien – No Gdm*
06. DJ Koze – Marylin Whirlwind
07. Daniel Avery – Drone Logic (Factory Floor / Gabe Gurney Remix)
08. Rodion – Medusa*
09. Front De Cadeaux – Le Pede BPM
10. Low Jack – Slow Dance
11. Alien Alien – Armani*
12. The Draughtsman – Codicil (Roman Flugel Remix)
13. Bintus – Drink Ye From The Acid Chalice
14. Alien Alien – Sambaca (Fabrizio Mammarella Remix)
15. Alien Alien – The Nights (c.l.a.w.s. Remix)
16. Carol – Body (Alien Alien Remix) *
17. Genius Of Time – Science Fiction
18. Dead Echo – Coming At Ya Now
19. Philipp Gorbachev, DJs Pareja – Verish
20. Rodion & Mammarella – Escape From Kyoto (Alien Alien Remix)
21. Alien Alien – Soter
22. Jon Hassel & Brian Eno – Rising Thermal 14° 16′ N; 32° 28′ E

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