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3 Award Winning Short Films by Greek Director Dimitris Argyriou

“The pond”

The Pond poster

The duck pond is a metaphor for E.U. and the ducks are the european members-countries.
When everything is fine, all the members-countries of our community interactive well together and they live in Harmony.
But what is happening when a problem comes to the surface?
Then the harmony falls apart and they are each for their own.

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A man retires to a underground shelter to survive after a global disaster.. To “fill” the time and have an occupation over the long stay in the shelter, he decides to “keep” a video diary which describes what he believes to have been the reasons of the disaster, his fears and the situation in the shelter.

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“REC.” Trailer


One Line Poster1

“One Line” is the line, which connects the dream with the reality.
“One Line” is not about the destination, but the journey.
“One Line” is a puzzle, a puzzle which contains pieces of a life.

“One Line” is a very personal short film, first because I created it from my personal footage and second because it contains a personal “message”.
I was collecting the footage four years and the filming took place in 5 different countries/places, Germany (Berlin), Poland ( Poznan), Greece (Olympos), Montenegro and Croatia.

More about the short film at:

“ONE LINE” Trailer

Wednesday 20th of March 2013

starts at 20:00

After the screenings will follow Q&A and after party




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