Movies: Best OST 2010

It’s official..a good soundtrack can be sometimes half the movie I am watching or can make a mediocre movie seem much better. I find myself often caught up thinking more about the song that is playing at the moment and missing parts of the plot. God save rewind button of course :) Here are the 4 best in my opinion original soundtracks for the cine-year 2010..

4. Scott Pilgrim vs. The World

Scott Pilgrim is the bassist in the band Sex Bob-Omb in this hilarious movie. The band can be fictional but the songs that they play are not and all together consist a very attractive and innovative rock badass soundtrack. Highlights the songs “I heard Ramona sing” by Frank Black, “Sleazy Bed Track” by The Bluetones and of course the “We are Sex Bob-Omb” by Beck.

3. Never let me go

Strange movie, interesting book by Kazuo Ishiguro and really haunting and multi level soundtrack by Rachel Portman. She is doing an axcellent job orchestrating many of the wonderful movie scenes (great cinematography by the way) and she knows when the plot demands the music to be stopped so that the focus to be on the story and the characters. After you’ve watched the movie if you listen again to the song “Hailsham School Song”, you may feel uncomfortable knowing the fate of the children singing it.

2. The social network

Atticus Ross and Trent Reznor are the winners of this year’s academy award for the music of the last film by David Fincher. Although I found the movie not so interesting and innovative as previous works of the director, I have to admit that the soundtrack is playful, vibrant, interesting and creepy at the same time. It is a soundtrack that can stand alone, apart from the movie and I am curious to see the next work of its composers.

1. Inception

Hans Zimmer created the best soundtrack of the year based more on simple sounds rather than trying to impress us with complex orchestral compositions. The movie itself is the most impressive movie I have watched the last years. The soundtrack is 49 minutes long and does not feel like it has various tracks but that it is long performance by Zimmer, capable to last in your ears for days after you have watched the movie.  Useful link :)

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