Movies: Kino im Batic Presents a Homage to the Film Work of Dimitris Argyriou

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Kino im Batic Presents
a Homage to the Film Work of
Dimitris Argyriou.

The homage except of the late film work includes some of the early film works of Dimitris Argyriou.

The Program is consisted of 10 Short Films.

– 2013, “The Dinner”, 11min

A couple who seemingly has it all, have dinner at a luxury restaurant. During the dinner, the man announces to his wife that he wants some changes in his life… but is it still time for changes?

The Dinner Trailer

– 2013, “Hey Love”, 4min.

“Hey Love” is about a dancer who tries to find himself…

Hey Love Trailer
– 2012, “ONE LINE”, 4min

“One Line” is the line, which connects the dream with the reality.
“One Line” is not about the destination, but the journey.
“One Line” is a puzzle, a puzzle which contains pieces of a life.

ONE LINE Trailer

– 2012, “…And the Forest Began To Sing”, 2min

…And The Forest Began to Sing

– 2011, “Rec.“, 13 min
A man retires to a underground shelter to survive after a global disaster.. To “fill” the time and have an occupation over the long stay in the shelter, he decides to “keep” a video diary which describes what he believes to have been the reasons of the disaster, his fears and the situation in the shelter.

REC. Trailer

– 2011, “Some Kids Are Special“, 5min

Soke Kids Are Special

– 2010, “The Pond“, 2 min.

The duck pond is a metaphor for E.U. and the ducks are the european members-countries.

When everything is fine, all the members-countries of our community interactive well together and they live in Harmony.
But what is happening when a problem comes to the surface?
Then the harmony falls apart and they are each for their own.

The Pond

– 2008, “To Oneiro Mias Katsaridas”, 4min

The world through the eyes of Cockroach.

– 2008, “The Transformation of Anni”, 8min

Anni is a dead girl who murdered violently. Her soul wants Revenge now.

– 2008, “Flux“, 8min

Flux is the story of a man recently widowed following the death of his girlfriend. Unable to accept her death and the reality of life without her, he takes medicine treatment, his dreams becomes increasingly distressed and eccentric.
Flux captures a desperate journey of undying love,a red rose is the link between dream and reality.

Location: Batic
Antwerpener Straße 5
13353 Berlin – Wedding

Opening 20h, the films starts: 20.30

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