Movies: Tree of Life

Terrence Malick, filmmaker, director, screenwriter and producer, is considered by many critics around the world to shoot only masterpieces. All his four movies till now are among the greatest films of all time in various lists created by the most famous international cinema magazines. Badlands, Days of Thunder, The thin red line, The new world. All of them, movies that cope with crime, love, romance, origins of life, war and desperation.

Malick’s fifth film is now ready to burst out on the theaters around the world. The Tree of Life, was filmed for a long time, is starring Brad Pitt and Sean Penn, and is a drama following a family through multiple time periods.

The new poster of the movie contains pictures of peace, space, sun, natural disasters, water, family, babies and even dinosaurs. What to expect? In my opinion another great epic movie! The stakes are high! Soon in a theater near you! Watch the trailer below.

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