Movies: Undune – A “Green” Documentary


Undune is a documentary about an alternative place to do your “business”, the resurrection of an ancient method from the Amazons region and the battle of a few innovative people to dry up the wasteful culture of water toilets:

Instead of using drinking water to flush away and destroy our manure, it can be transformed into a valuable resource – black soil or terra preta.


What is this project all about?

Terra preta is the most fertile soil on this earth. Unfortunately, for a long time, it was well hidden in the tropical rainforest of the Amazon. But, thanks to the work of many inexhaustible researchers, we now know its origin: Over centuries, the people of the Amazon mixed their excrement with charcoal and fermented the mixture hermetically. After the fermentation, earth worms transformed the waste into soil, thus replacing the meagre tropical soil with a permanently fertile soil.


There have already been several documentary films on the topic of terra preta. But, up to now, no one has dared to produce a film that touches on the importance of excrement for terra preta! There is a social taboo surrounding this aspect, one that they intend to flush far into the off-stream. Normally it is the mainstream that is shit!


In Undune, they will deal explicitly with Terra preta toilets. How can they broach this complex topic, with all its taboos, through the medium of documentary film? How can they make a film on this topic that is not only informative but also entertaining? Naturally, in an unconventional manner!


Would you like to  learn more?

You may have to wait:

the makers of the documentary are running a bit low on cash to complete post-production.

To help fill their coffers go here:

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