New Mp3: PJ Harvey – Written On The Forehead

PJ Harvey’s eighth album, Let England Shake is definitely unique. After the haunted White Chalk, her sound is getting odder and kind of trippy. Actually her new album has been recorded in a church in England with assistance from the producer Flood and also Mick Harvey and John Parish. Its mix of voice samples, reverb and the echoing tambourine sound magically. The title of the album seems to have political implications, but nevertheless PJ points out that:
“ I think a lot of my work has often been about the interior, the emotional, what happens inside oneself. This time I’ve just been looking out, so it’s not only to do with taking a look at England, but taking a look at the world and what’s happening in the current day world affairs. But always trying to come from the human point of view because I don’t feel qualified to sing from a political standpoint.”

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