New Mp3’s: XY-ME – B Acid (Bowski Remix)

Today I heard the first time of Bowksi, a young techno producer from Bristol. I really liked the mix of this XY-ME track, but when I checked his soundcloud I found some other remixes of tracks by Caribou, Bookashade, Sunlight & The Keep which are all amazing. Also his first Leggings/Talkbox EP which got released on Blood Music (Fake Blood’s label) and another track called hover which already got him plays by Boy-8-Bit + Fake Blood and DJ-Gigs all across the UK and Ibiza is a really catchy minimalistic tune with cool ups ‘n downs which won’t get out of your head the next days!

XY-ME – B Acid (Bowski Remix)

Free Mp3: Bookashade – Regenerate (Bowski Remix) (via

Free MP3: Caribou – Sun (Bowski Remix) (via

Check his other stuff on his soundcloud or myspace

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