New Music: David August – The Spell

Photo Credit: Linn Kuhlmann
Photo Credit: Linn Kuhlmann

The berlin-based producer David August is set to release his ‘The Spell / A Golden Rush EP’ which is the second for the Ninja Tune imprint Counter RecordsThe 12′ partners August’s previous release ‘J.B.Y. / Ouvert‘ and feels like a natural progression from where it left off.  Boasting the same craftsmanship he lends to all of his productions, ‘The Spell‘ unites propulsive breakbeats and soaring pads over a lush sound-carpet of delicately arranged noise and field recordings before taking a sudden turn, a woman’s voice intruding to bind ‘The Spell‘ in words. 

The release of the follow-up EP to ‘J.B.Y. / Ouvert rounds off a chapter and marks a turning point in David August’s work:
 The Spell / A Golden Rush’ to me personally closes a musical chapter and sets an end to a certain way I have been approaching production and writing music in general…What the future holds will be of a different nature. One I have come to embrace, but have not fully explored yet.

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