New Music: Maribou State – Turnmills

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The UK-based producer & DJ duo Liam Ivory and Chris Davids better known as Maribou State release their first new song since their second album ‘Portraits‘ which they released on Counter Records in 2015. The new single ‘Turnmills’ is a stunning track and a momentous statement of intent, revolving around a magnetically addictive arpeggiated bassline with expansive strings and choral vocals. The track is dedicated to the legendary London nightclub of the same name that closed in 2008 – one of a string of closures during the past 15 years that struck at the heart of the UK capital’s vibrant and globally renowned underground music culture.

Turnmills was where we first experienced electronic music in a club setting. It’s a totally different and transformative listening experience and that communal spirit, atmosphere and feeling has inspired the way we’ve made music. Clubs are such important hubs for music discovery, especially of songs that you might have overlooked in a different setting. Partly through the feeling in the room and also through the memories attached to the records you hear. Maribou State


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