New Music: Nonpareils – The Timeless Now

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Ex-Liar Aaron Hemphill just announced his debut solo album ‘Scented Pictures’ which will be released under the artist name Nonpareils via Mute on 6 April, 2018. Based in Berlin since 2015, Hemphill started working on the album by recording stacks of acoustic instruments while, in his words, “doing the silliest things”. He played drums without click tracks, encouraged his engineer to distract him, and played the piano while allowing poorly set-up microphones to fall away from the body of the instrument. Ultimately the sound palette grew out further, taking in a vast array of virtual instrumentation too, all glitched and processed into off-kilter music.  

Basically I wanted a name that didn’t evoke a single person or a producer name, but hopefully something that sounded more like a group or a band… something plural. The Timeless Now feels like the most distilled track to communicate this intended illusion.


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