New Video: Porches – Pool

Aaron Maines is the man behind Porches, a bedroom project he helms with help from other co-conspirators such as his girlfriend Frankie CosmosPool his new album and first on Domino Records has just recently been released which you can get in entirety here.

Maine whose last album Slow Dance in the Cosmos which was released in 2013 (and sounded like indie rock from 2013) has leapt two years back into the future on a wave of obselete 80’s synths to conjure the sound for his new album. Seems like everyones selling their guitars and buying synths again…In “Be Apart” Maine sings “And I want to be a part”. Maybe reflecting his feeling towards his place within todays musical landscape. Maybe reflecting the lonely, melancholic dance-floor vibe the songs on the album have. Maybe making a comment on the isolated social condition of todays youth? who knows, but, the lyrics are great on this record. Even on simple songs such as “Car” (probably the most ‘guitar’ track on the album) which talks about the beauty and possibility in the idea of the car. The song writings good too, heavy emotional and strong songs. This album may be typical of the times, but it is very well crafted, its chillable, its danceable, and it makes you feel and think. What more can you want from pop music.

If you want to win a CD copy of Pool send an email to and its yours. Pick up in Berlin only.

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