New Music: Quaker Street Records – Only Regal Vol 1


Quaker Street Records platform their 23 minute debut LP, ‘Only Regal‘, out 8th December 2018. They are giving away a copy of their LP ‘Only Regal Volume 1‘ go Spotify, Amazon, Googleplay or any other streaming and follow, then share a screenshot in the comments below to be entered into the draw – winners will be announced on Boxing Day 26th December 2018.

The sultry, vulnerable sensuality of EP ‘Side2Me‘ features vocals by emerging artist Quendresa, reminiscent of Martine Topley Bird on Leila Arab’s Blood, Looms and Blooms. This track features North African rhythms, fuzz and synths, heavy 808’s and skewed up piano licks.

The Shoreditch, London based label are creating waves of excitement in the area, hosting regular live events in their gallery and coffee shop, hosting the neo wave of radical artists designing elephants, giraffe, lions in a tropical cosmos, raising awareness about wildlife protection and responsible sourcing, alongside platforming local and international talent. There’s an organic, driven authenticity to the dynamism of what Quaker Street create, which acts as a magnet, communicative and fast paced. I warmed to this record the moment I heard  it, gracing the edges of the mainstream, new wave R&B and lo fi jazz, hip hop and electronica.

Only Regal 3


There is a DIY aesthetic, a charismatic approach similar to Urban Base’s bohemian, groove laced gallery jams at The Greenhouse Berlin, a combination of elemental, lo fidelity turntableism and supporting live guests and instrumentals – intriguing production with an electic sound. Quaker Street cite influences ranging from Bach to Brodinski. Their production plays invitation to intrigue, with a mellow sound reminiscent of Bristol trip hop, Stone’s Throw Records, Peanut Butter Wolf, DJ Shadow, and a soulful femininity contained within the whispering bars akin to Warp’s Mira Calix.

Only Regal Volume 1

Vocalist Quendresa says: ‘Lyrics were inspired by feeling like I was unable to express parts of my character to someone I was in love with because I felt they wouldn’t understand it and kept it under wraps I just wanted them to accept me. But performing the song kinda helped me to realise that it’s quite messed up for people not to accept you for what you are… and hoping it will be the same for listeners I guess.’

Check it out here!

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