New video: Anne Simone – Digitize Me


#Mondays. If you’re having the kind of morning where you’d rather venture into virtual reality than deal with another email, the new music video by one of Seattle’s upcoming electro pop talents, Anne Simone, might provide some inspiration.

You can see Simone dashing around Matrix-style inside of a motherboard in the music video for Digitize Me. She vogues like Janet Jackson in an all-black outfit wearing a Photoshopped blue wig, much like a video game character.

Formerly based in Vancouver, Simone is a coding geek who has created music from code she has made available on GitHub. “Somewhere between the musical keyboard and computer keyboard, the two worlds melded,” she said.

“I may also have been pondering on the wonderful complexity of being human and wishing sometimes we could be as simple as a computer program that ultimately boils down to 1s and 0s, true or false, yes or no.”

Also stream “Digitize Me” on Soundcloud. If life were just as easy as binary code.

Next year, watch out for Bittersweet, Simone’s forthcoming EP which drops January 11.



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