New Video: Azealia Banks – 1991

Harlem superhot star Azealia Banks is back with a track and video¬†“1991“. The track comes out of her “1991” EP, which was released this spring and Azealia is working on her depute full length. “I definitely need to sing more, for sure, I’m working on that – just being a nice girl and writing a ballad instead of all these hardcore ass raps. It’s coming.” she notes. The title is not random, 1991 does remind us of the 90’s. Classic house beats and Azealia’s sophisticated rapping flow that perfectly match to the Justin Mitchell directed video. What you notice right away are the references to past Madonna videos, especially to the iconic “Vogue” video, that came out in 1991.

“Vogue” has been on of my favorite videos since I was a child. In the video Madonna and her dancers are “vogueing” to the rhythm. Voguing is a house dance that evolved out of the 60’s Harlem ballrooms. It became known to the masses though, when it got featured in Madonna‘s video and in the documentary “Paris is Burning“. It was inspired by Vogue, the ultimate fashion magazine, and its model poses. Since then it has been a continuously growing dance movement – especially in New York’s underground clubs.

Recently vogueing has become popular in Berlin, as well. Earlier this month the first “Voguing Festival” took place. Berlin is gradually turning into Europe’s capitals in many sectors. Music and style are definitely two of them. Berlin’s style is very sporty and streetwise. Boys and girls walking around with sneakers and T-Shirts like the ones of one of Berlin’s rising labels “Wicked Berlin”, so that are always ready for days and nights, when everything could happen: from eclectic gallery’s visits and flea market and second hand strolls to wild parties that seem to go on for ever.

Enjoy Azealia, Madonna and Octavia Saint Laurent from “Paris is Burning”:

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