New Video: Chelsea Wolfe – Carrion Flowers

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With each album released, Chelsea Wolfe is pushing every aesthetic boundary possible. While her voice is strong and deep, her songs succeed in transforming all that strength into something sublime and emotional. Her previous album ,”Pain Is Beauty“, is definite proof of an experienced and evolved artist, no longer in search on an identity, but experimenting with sounds and visions.

For some, her music might seem harsh, almost brutal, but there is a perfect symbiosis between that grittiness and the singer‘s melodic voice. Off her forthcoming album ”Abyss“, ”Carrion Flowers“ is yet more proof of her talent and musical artistry.

Right from the beginning, from the title ”Carrion Flowers“, we can sense a duality and antagonism of forces that lie deep inside the artist. This image of carrion flowers encompasses both light and darkness, both the positive and the negative that torments her, which, in the end, is found in every person, making us complex human beings, something that the artist is well aware of, and it’s reflected throughout her music. The somewhat abstract lyrics are sang almost like an incantation, as if it were a sacred text, building up towards an inevitable climax, followed by a calmness resembling that moment when you wake up from a nightmare, a feeling that’s sweet and dreadful at the same time. This imagery is accompanied by a cold blend of electronic and industrial beats, perfectly complementing the lyrics.

The black and white video for this single, directed by Chelsea Wolfe herself and her band mate Ben Chisolm, it’s said to be a statement about the California drought and its consequences on the environment and communities around, portraying the current situation in quite a hopeless somber perspective.

With two amazing singles already out, ”Abyss“ is likely to become a new favorite among Chelsea Wolfe’s fans, establishing her as an artist who goes beyond the limits of musical labels and is continuously in search of the perfect sound.

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