New Video: De La Romance – A Brighter Day

“What can we say about De la Romance? It is poetry, poetry offered to all. It is spoken with everyday words and expressions. Within it, we discover the dazzling of the ordinary, fragments of life, always mixed up. It is a deprivation, an overflow, a quest, the quest to the purest horizon”.

DE LA ROMANCE combines the approach of Sebastien Tellier, the touch of M83 and the musicality of Apparat.

The EP “As We Feel” should be read like a diary.
In listening, we travel into the dreams of someone who shares the highlights of his existence on waves of electronica, pop and aerial music in a very contemporary fashion. This day and age pictured by an author in his ”manifesto”.

A search for purity and transparency, a modern initiatory journey through musical soundscapes, where arts intersect to better define what is ”Romance” today. The purpose of this project, beyond its musical and lyrical nature, is to restore the nobility of ”Romance”. This antiquated concept is too often perceived in a simplistic or reduced frame, even though it has never ceased to transcend emotions and feelings in music, and more generally, in the Arts on a wider scale.

The intention behind the concept of ”As We Feel” EP is to consider the intimate connections between music and images and the suggestive power that results of their association.  As a result, every song of the EP is given to the vision of talented film directors.

Have a look on the first music video “Something” directed by Julien Hallard and produced by Films Velvet. The second music video is a lapse-time interpretation of the song “As We Feel” by Laurent Pratlong.

The third one, “Be There Pulse”, shows the rock n’ roll aspect of De La Romance, directed by Sebastien Desmedt and the latest one,  “A Brighter Day”, is a slow motion road-movie mixed with free-diving sequences by Louis Vignat and Atilla Fidan.

If you are in Germany you can watch the video here!

The album ”Beyond Love and Hate” is scheduled for autumn 2013.

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