New Video: Herman Dune – Tell Me Something

Yaya and Cosmic Néman aka Herman Dune are a French duo, who make Lofi-Folk, Rock N Roll and Americana. Their sound travels you back in time, and they personally remind me sometimes of my old favorite Tom Petty and sometimes of 50’s rock n’ roll anthems. I had the chance to see them live a few days ago in Berlin and they were great, so do not miss them if they are playing somewhere near you. After the concert you also get to meet the famous Yeti and take a photo with it! This is the video for their track Tell Me Something (I Don’t Know), where Jon Hamm, Don Draper from “Mad Men“, and the timid and adorable blue Yeti are driving around and end up at a concert where Herman Dune are playing. You can also download the track for free on City Slang‘s Soundcloud!