New Video: Kaiserdisco & Karotte – Knocking Echoes – by Blaenk Minds

Karotte Kaiserdisco

It is always interesting to find out how collaborations came to life and this one is one of those you would never guess. Frederic Berger and Patrick Buck aka Kaiserdisco from Hamburg and Peter Cornely aka Karotte from Frankfurt am Main met at a hip hop concert of one of the most important German hip hop bands Die Fantastischen Vier in Hamburg, shared their loved for techno and after a studio session this killer EP, their first ever work together, was created.

Knocking Echoes EP is a banging three tracker, with two originals Knocking Echoes  and Mauve and a vinyl exclusive remix by Brazilian techno master Victor Ruiz.

The EP was released on May 22nd on Christian Smith‘s imprint Tronic Music. It is the first release of Karotte since 2012, while Kaiserdisco have already released their own EP and remixes on the prolific techno label in the past two years. Indeed a very special release.

We are happy to present the very cinematic video by Berlin based Blaenk Minds for Knocking Echoes. Blaenk Minds do some out of the ordinary. They are a dj duo that produces a video for every track they play. They collaborate with various artists; dancers, painters, fashio labels, musicians and directors, to present unique visuals to enhance your club experience.

Tilda (Blaenk Minds) says about the video:
“We shot the video with young film directors and artists from the University of Chiang Mai in Thailand.
Our project is all about collaborations and creating clubvideos with creatives across the globe. The team was inspired by works of famous Asian/Chinese director Wong Kar-Wai.”
We love to connect people and bringing filmic stories to a screen that has not been used much: the wall in every club.”

The collaborators for the video include: Pornpisut Aewungkru, Kantawalee Sreeburin, Lalita Singkhampuk, Chayanin Nusrimuang, Atikan Pojjanasenee and Simon Schmieder.

Wong Kar-Wai meets David Lynch meets Tarantino in this dark sensual video. Red lights, a girl, a knife, a white rabbit, a heavy black plastic bag and loads of blood create an otherworldly sensation that keeps the suspense at high levels throughout the entire video. You can watch it below: