New Video: Laid Back – Cocaine Cool

Laid Back are not just cool, they are Cocaine Cool! This is what the Danish duo has to say about the new track: “Laid Back, still grooving after more than 30 years. Way back in 1981, on the same night the “White Horse” groove was born and jammed onto an 8-track tape recorder, we also did some other recordings. They were never completed and have stayed on the shelf ever since.Recently we came across those vetust 8-track tapes, and when listening again, we found the unused material quite up-to-date.One of the unfinished grooves we consider musically being a brother to “White Horse” has now been completed by just adding bass and vocals.” Enjoy “White Horse part 2”:

And one of my favorite songs ever: “White Horse”, where Laid Back is is giving us girls lessons on how to become rich:

And another old favorite, cool melody, great video shot in the air and lyrics talking about the Baker man, who is making bread:

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