New Video: Laserkraft 3D – Nein, Mann

Tim Hoffmann and Niels Reinhard are two guys from South Germany, who love music and love to dance. So they decided to form the duo Laserkraft 3D and make a video for their song “Nein, Mann“. They had a nice concept for the video and they directed it themselves. The video became a hit on the internet and now it made it to the number one place on the German Charts. The story behind the video is autobiographical. The guys are telling the story of a typical night in a club, where the music is too good and they just want to stay and dance and don’t care about anything else. Not even about the hottest chicks, who want to take them back to their place…

“Nein Mann, ich will noch nicht geh’n, ich will noch n bisschen tanzen. Komm schon, Alter, ist doch noch nicht so spät. Lass’ uns noch n bisschen tanzen!”

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