New Video: LUH – Bunny’s Blues

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Legendary Mute Records just released a video for ‘Bunny’s Blues’ a new song by Lost Under Heaven which consists of Ebony Hoorn and Ellery James Roberts (Wu Lyf) to announce the release of their second album. “With this song I present an alter ego,” says Ebony, who takes the lead vocal on ‘Bunny’s Blues’. “Creating this character of Bunny began with a performance piece I did back in Amsterdam. She became a playful tool to confront how male-dominated society attempts to control both women and nature without having any real understanding or respect for their being and innate power.” 

The track is accompanied by a video, directed by Ebony, who explains: “I took inspiration from Cassavetes’ Killing of a Chinese Bookie, Rainer Fassbinder’s Lola and then the Giallo Styling of Dario Argento & Jesus Franco to subvert the typical exploitative objectification of the female body… Working with a small team, we designed and built all the sets in a friend’s basement. Our cinematographer Jamie Allan was able to secure an old 16mm camera, which had been a lifelong dream to work with. I love how it pushes everyone to consider every aspect, to focus and remain present in the moment whilst you work. Creating this video has been an intense but very rewarding experience: between Ellery, Jamie and myself, we handled the entire production, direction and editing”

Now, after a period spent in an embryonic retreat, Lost Under Heaven are preparing to return with a new full-length album, which will be released later this year. Watch the video for ‘Bunny’s Blues’ below!

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