New video: Mimetic – Sparkling love

The video for Sparkling love off Frenchman Mimetic’s album, Where we will never go has just landed. A tight piece of 3D animation by Benjamin Muzzin, the video uses elements of cosmic and mythological iconography where quartz fields erupt, planets give birth to stellar systems and the universe sets itself into motion to a fitting sonic backdrop of orchestral glitch.

On a very Amon Tobin kind of tangent, Sparkling love starts off all mysterious, before dropping into a lonely angelic arpeggiated harp line, with a tense and shuffly industrial beat joining in after a few bars, contrasting nicely with all the melodic elements.

Where we will never go was released in 2013 on Hymen Records. Definitely check-out their catalogue if you’re into Technoid-ambient music. For more videos my Benjamin Muzzin, head over to Dazzle Visual and make sure to watch his incredible kinetic light sculptures project Ecal (because sticking two ipads back to back and spinning them as fast as possible is always a good idea).

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