New Video: Mona – Lean into the fall

There’s a thin line between rock’n’roll and religion, and nowhere thinner than in the intense, sharp, sweat-drenched, duelling-guitar euphoria of Mona. The four-piece Nashville-based band – or family, or gang, or band of brothers – are young, charismatic punk preachers. They’ll testify to the thrill they get from hunkering down in a Nashville, Tennessee basement, writing and recording the best debut album of 2011. They’ll hymn the praises of visceral rock with heavenly fireworks in its soul. They want to convert everyone they come across.

Dimitris Argyriou (myself) directed their song “Lean Into The Fall” and is taking part in’s competition for the best Mona’s music video. So if you like the video, show it pushing the “like” button in this page.

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