New Video: Norman Palm – Easy

Voila the mysterious Norman Palm! First of all the questions about his origin..Is he from Mexico, from the U.S, from Germany or from some other place far far away? We have actually met up with Mr Palm and we can now reveal his secret!!! He is a nice German dude, who spends his life between Berlin and Mexico City and makes lovely music. He has got a new video and this is what he said about it:
“Today I would like to show you a new music video which Mr Frank Hoehne has created around my song Easy. I met Frank back in art school where I became a singer and he became an illustrator. Frank is a newly-non-smoker, newly-father and has never done a music video before. After a few weeks of secretive work I received an email from him: «Norman, the video is done, check it out, I am flying to Sweden tomorrow, no more changes possible, the girls liked it and girls count.» Me: Shocked. Watching. Wow. – I tell you what: I love this video and I am pretty picky.”

You can download “Landslide” for free:

Free Mp3: Norman Palm – Landslide

Listen to it first:

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