New Video: Onyx Collective – 175 Canal St.

Screen Shot 2018-07-12 at 12.54.11
New York Jazz-trio Onyx Collective are back with a new self-directed video for their song ‘175 Canal St.‘ taken from there new album ‘Lower East Suite Part Three‘ which is out now via Big Dada.

“This video was the first that I directed along with other Onyx Members, Gogy Esparza & Mike Swoop, who were the 2 collaborators in completing the vision.

We shot the video in an abandoned church in Little Italy. I wanted to make a mysterious thriller that had a narrative. Something in between rosemary’s baby and a wes craven movies. It was lucky to find such a perfect location.once we did it it opened up a realm of imagination.

When you have a low budget, you have to get things done by whatever means possible. The city is still a well of history and beauty, it’s our job to seek it out.” Isaiah Barr (band member)


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