New Video: Oscar Mulero – 201 element


Oscar Mulero‘s music is pure alchemy. He turns his visions into something sublime, organic. Sounds that crawl under your skin, pulsating through every vein and artery, with the ultimate purpose of connecting your mind and soul, together into a mystical and spiritual experience. So it’s no surprise that his latest album out on PoleGroup is called “Muscle and Mind“, bringing together two dualistic forces to create some kind of pitch-black conceptual music. I think it’s safe to say that only someone who started off by being a goth/ebm DJ can bend the genres and pull off an album like this one.

Not long ago, he released a video for Anatomical Variation, and now he’s continuing, in the same vein, with a video for 201 element, combining anatomical images with sacred geometric motifs, in a mesmerizing collage which embodies the perfection that is the human body. The haunting rhythm and staggered beats go hand in hand with the repetitive visuals, creating a hypnotizing trance-like effect.

If you like it, then you should definitely give the entire album a try or, why not, support the artist and buy it. And for those of you who like remixes, you might want to give a listen to “Dualistic Concept out of which the SHXCXCHCXSH one is definitely my favorite.

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