New Video: Pink Floyd – Louder Than Words


I was very thrilled when I fist read that Pink Floyd were planing to release a new album.

Some month later, the 15th and final studio album of them released on 7 November.

The Endless River has as its starting point the music that came from the 1993 Division Bell sessions,

when David Gilmour, Rick Wright and Nick Mason played freely together at Britannia Row and Astoria studios.


Division Bell’s cover.

In 2013 David Gilmour and Nick Mason revisited the music from those sessions and decided that the tracks should be made available as part of the Pink Floyd repertoire.

The Endless River is a tribute to Rick Wright, whose keyboards are at the heart of the Pink Floyd sound.

It is a mainly instrumental album with one song, ‘Louder Than Words’, which is performed by Pink Floyd.

Taken from David Gilmour, Rick Wright and Nick Mason’s 1993 Division Bell sessions it has new lyrics by writer and Division Bell lyricist Polly Samson.


The Endless River’s cover.

David Gilmour said: “The music for Louder Than Words is from those final sessions, the three of us playing together on the houseboat Astoria with Rick’s idiosyncratic keyboards reminding me now that you don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone.  At the start of the album I asked Polly [Samson] to write the lyrics.  She felt that what I played her didn’t need words, that hearing us play was more interesting.  In the end she wrote just this one, which expresses, beautifully I think, the way the three of us, me, Nick and Rick have something when we play together, that has a magic that is louder than words”.

Without further postpones, enjoy a unique piece of music history, since it will be probably the last track that Pink Floyd ever produce.

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