New Video: Rodion, Local Suicide, Ali Bey – True Love Floats

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Yesterday we released a new video for ‘True Love Floats‘ a tune from our collaborative 2017’ EP with Rodion & Ali Bey ‘True Love Floats / Abu Dhabi‘ which was released on My Favorite Robot Records and got premiered by the nice folks at KALTBLUT Magazin. Thanks to Moroccan video artist Aïda El Hani for the editing and all our friends who participated in the shoot! 

The idea behind the clip is inspired by the title and vocals ‘True Love Floats’ and is about not judging a book by its cover and not being superficial. The affair of the protagonist with the plastic doll seemed to be working ok, but it only took a little cut for the doll to lose air and eventually sink. Vamparela

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