New Video: Rone – Sing Song


Erwan Castex aka Rone is one of the most acclaimed French musicians in the electronic music scene.

He studied film at university and worked on a number of productions whilst pursuing music in his spare time. InFiné came across some of his tracks on the web (Bora) and got in touch with him. From then and on, things went very fast: he released his debut EP (2008), performed his first live show at the Rex Club and released his first album, Spanish Breakfast, in 2009.

With the release of Tohu Bohu in the autumn of 2012, things reached a whole new level.

Now living in Berlin, the artist’s creative juices seem to be flowing like never before, combining a melodic straightforwardness with the firmly harnessed power of analog soundscapes.

The first video is for the track Sing Song, which is included in his new album Creatures today.

Directed by Paulynka, based on the Liliwood illustrations, Sing Song invites us to dive back into the dream space Bye Bye Macadam, but bringing to reality the colors and creatures that inhabit the pieces of this new album.

Over the 4-minute animation, we see Rone both huge and tiny. Seems to be a giant among the small creatures and yet very small in the vacuum of space.

Watch it here:

Or here if you live in Germany:

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