New video: Squarepusher x Z-Machines

Musical innovator supreme Squarepusher is back with a new EP entitled Music for robots as well as a video featuring a fully functional performing robot band.

This time round, Squarepusher teamed up with a team of Japanese roboticists to create a “music-performing system beyond the capabilities of the most advanced musicians”, which sounds very promising considering the English artists virtuosity on both bass and general analogue music equipment. The robots may look like weird Alien-Predator-Dalek combos but can play ridiculously fast thanks to the guitarists 78 fingers and the drummers 22 arms.

The video is in keeping with the epileptically somber esthetics from the 2012 album Ubafulum and shows the robots shredding away to a typically Squarepusher up-tempo free jazz track.

Strangely the whole project seems to be sponsored by Zima (the grand-father of alcopops) which apparently still exists in Japan and which leads us to seriously wonder why Japan still bothers with such an unpleasing alcoholic drink.

Music for robots is set for release on April 7th on Warp.

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