New Video: This is the Kit – Hotter Colder

header002This is the Kit, Kate Stables’ project is a magical bend of folk and blues. It has been present since the 00s, when Kate moved to Bristol and began interacting and collaborating with local musicians. “The aim is to have fun playing with people whose work I really like,” states Kate “The more you exchange and share with people the better things get and the more you learn.”

Last year This is the Kit toured nonstop, while this year the Paris-based musician returned to Bristol for her outstanding fourth album, LP Moonshine Freeze, produced by John Parish, who is best known for his work with PJ Harvey.

Yesterday they have shared a new video for “Hotter Colder.” The video is directed by talented James Hankins and filmed in England,  and includes Kate splashing and fooling around Warleigh Weir near Bath with band member Rozi Plain.

Kate says “My thinking was coming from a very dark murky underwater place, and James’ thinking was more of a joyous fun approach. For him “Hotter Colder” is a happy song so we ended up kind of meeting in the middle. Me and Rozi larking about, but on a rainy day in a murky river.”