New Video: Alena – Turn It Around (C-Edits)

If you like to collect Vinyls, this EP is very good choice. The artist is the 90’s black diva Alena.The Label from Berlin (C-Edits) has two releases and the copies are only in vinyls.

The music style is disco and house with some loops from the past.

Here you can listen one track from this EP.

Also you can download a dj set from C-Edits:

Author Bio:

Herr Semi (aka George Konstantinidis) was born in Athens,Greece and lives in Berlin,Germany.From a very early age he had contact with the art of making music when he began learning classical guiter. Since 2003 , he is professionally involved with djing and his music style varies from house to techno according to his influences. Besides his music activities , Herr Semi has a passion for photography.This is the source of inspiration for creating his music.


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