New Video: Vosper – Kabuki Playboy

vosper monteal
duo Vosper recently released their awesome EP “Losing Control” on a French label who should watch out for Meant Records. The EP contains 3 original tracks “Losing Control“, “Kabuki Playboy” and “Isolation” and a remix by Marc Houle and two digital exclusives; the track “Oni” and a remix by Monoblok&PSLKTR. What I can guarantee you is that you cannot listen to this EP only once!!! It is highly addictive and a dancefloor banger! Stream it below and watch the trippy video for “Kabuki Playboy“, where a guy is walking around and is not sure if he is looking for something, while hallucinating.

Watch the video directed by Christopher Macdonald & Edouard Le here, if you are in Germany. Or here:

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