New Video: Young Knives – Human Again

Young Knives released their 3rd album ‘Ornaments from the Silver Arcade’ a couple of months ago, which was result of their cooperation with Yeah Yeah Yeahs’ producer Nick Launay. As one can hear from the track presented, called ‘Human Again”, these three guys from Leicestershire communicate some inventive and well produced sounds.

As the front man, Henry Dartnall further explains “It’s got a bit of 80s, a bit of 60s and a bit of the 2000s and teens in there. It goes from quite cheery to quite melodramatic but still seems to flow really easily.”

The track nevertheless doesn’t stop to the music itself, but also lets out a message that should be taken into consideration. Henry illuminates: “Lyrically the song is about addictive behavior. Whether it’s booze, or whatever. The moment that your feral brain starts making decisions, and then it starts to get a bit seedy and you can’t get enough of whatever it is to the point where you have another, even though you don’t really want it.” Enjoy being addicted to the track instead!

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