News: Bonaparte – Sorry, We’re Open

, the crazy Berlin-based band is back with a new album!

In fact, it is Bonaparte’s first studio album, the two previous albums, “Too Much” and “My Horse Likes You” were recorded between the highway and edge of the bed on a laptop.

For their third album, the Swiss songwriter and leader of Bonaparte, Tobias Jundt, set up his own studio in Berlin and… “Sorry, We’re Open” was born!

01 When The Ship Is Thinking 
02 Quarantine 
03 Sorry, We’re Open 
04 C’est Moi A Qu’Tu parles 
05 Interlude 
06 Point & Shoot 
07 A Little Brain Dead 
08 Manana Forever 
09 Interlude works 
10 Quick Fix 
To Hell 11 High Heels 
12 In The Breaks 
13 Interlude Swamp Bonahula 14 
15 Hidden In & Out

Watch the music video for “Computer Love” from their previous album:

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