News: Diplo – 128 Beats Per Minute

Diplo went from audio to textual as the famed producer has composed his first literary project – a book entitled 128 Beats Per Minute: Diplo’s Visual Guide to Music, Culture, and Everything in Between. Driven by photographs from former Annie Leibowitz assistant Shane Mccauley, the piece chronicles Diplo’s travels around the world over the course of seven years. It has released by Universe Publishing, an imprint of “famed Italian purveyor of art tomes” Rizzoli New York. Alexander Wang, for whom Diplo has modeled, wrote the foreword. Each chapter is based on a different country or region (Israel, Trinidad, Russia, Asia, etc.) and comes with a playlist for that country

As Diplo said:

“Over the last couple of years I have been traveling all over the world to play and make music. Along the way I brought my friend Shane McCauley to photograph it and these images have become the book 128 Beats Per Minute. We visited so many places and met so many people that have inspired, influenced, and informed myself and others. This book is a culmination of just some of the experiences I’ve had so far and I’m lucky to have had Shane there to photograph them for you. There are a lot of DJ’s in this book and I hope you investigate and learn more about all of them, the music they make, and the cities they’re from. Without you and them none of this is possible and I am grateful that I can share this with you.”


“A new book, 128 Beats Per Minute, collects pictures of Diplo hanging out in exotic locales with beautiful people; the Travel Channel wanted to make a show documenting his journeys (it fell through); a Korean beer company paid him $80,000 to play a show with Major Lazer, his whimsical dancehall project; and billion-dollar brands from BlackBerry to Beyoncé have hired him (the former for an ad campaign, the latter for two songs on 4M), hoping that some of his cool will rub off.” ~Rolling Stone

“…this book could easily be the coffee table purchase of the year.” ~The Gallant

“…driven by photographs from former Annie Leibowitz assistant Shane Mccauley, will be released this April by Universe Publishing, an imprint of ‘famed Italian purveyor of art tomes’ Rizzoli New York.” ~Fader Magazine

“Want to travel the globe with a Grammy-nominated DJ? Hitching a ride with Diplo, may prove tricky, but fans can treat themselves to a vicarious excursion with the Mad Decent founder’s new book, 128 Beats Per Minute.”


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