News: Prince is the headliner of Sziget Day 0!

Maybe the most exciting and unique performer of them all, a 7-time Grammy winner and a true American pop-icon is about to visit Hungary. Indeed, Prince will rule the main stage of Sziget Festival on Day 0 (9 August) and play the biggest hits of his long and unstoppable career.

Sziget organizers launched a sensational piece of last-minute news, just about 2 weeks before the start of the event: on 9 August 2011, Sziget Festival’s Main Stage will host Prince Roger Nelson, the legend who entered the rock’n’roll hall of fame by the name Prince. Being in the spotlights since 1976, selling over 100 million records, reaching 10 platinum releases and also earning several Grammy Awards, a Golden Globe and even an Oscar, here he is to give all he got for Sziget fans from all over the world. You can already start to get ready for hits like ’Purple Rain’, ’Kiss’, ’When Doves Cry’, ’1999’ and so much more.

’We know it’s a bit unusual to announce such a huge star so late but Polish Open’er festival’s booked Prince for a gig in the beginning of July as an exclusive act for the 2011 festival season in this part of Europe. Luckily the Polish organizers Alter Art were ready to make a compromise, without their support this great show wouldn’t have happened on Sziget. We are really thankful to Open’er Festival that they helped us to make it happen. Open’er is dedicated to music and audience this is why they decided to help Sziget. Also we’re very happy to host the star, especially that it will be his only concert in our region’ – explained Gabor Takacs, organizer of Sziget Festival.

Save the best for last, as they say, so Prince finally accepted the invitation to come to Budapest. His concerts are normally sold out within a few days anywhere in the world, so organizers are confident that the next 2 weeks will be more than enough to sell all available tickets. If you don’t want to miss your chance, buy your ticket quickly. Prince guarantees a special experience anytime he plays, and this is also underlined by the great international press response he got after the July concert in Poland, using superlatives to describe the show that is more than 2 hours long.

The line-up of Sziget Day 0 is crowned by Prince, but you will also find many other exciting program feautures on the same day. For example Rock-Metal Stage will present the most successful world-music Sziget performers of the last few years, all known for the magical atmosphere they create.

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