LSD Soundtrack To Your Night In – Vol.1


This week I found myself revisiting old playlists which got me reminiscing about countless nights spent around friends houses drinking the week away and browsing the almighty and frankly immeasurable visual jukebox that is YouTube.

These nights start with the best intentions, musically speaking. Participants sit patiently waiting their turn to be the DJ, in between sipping beers, rolling fags, chit-chatting and inwardly sifting through their own personal brain-shaped jukebox for the ‘Song That Will Make Me Look Cool’. Just a few hours later and all care for ‘cool’ (along with DJ manners) has gone out the window, the air is thick with the stench of guilty pleasure as bodies writhe around on the kitchen floor/makeshift beach to the tune of Take That ‘Pray’.

With that in mind, and the weekend merely hours away, here are five stupendous tracks that are in keeping with the spirit of YouTube fuckery. Having only recently discovered The Garden I wanted to include ‘All Smiles Over Here’ from their 2015 LP ‘haha’ because the opening line is an ear-worm if ever there was one, and I feel a duty to inflict and share that compulsive shoutyness with others. The rest is, as explained, a mixed bag. From 90s hip-hop and house to the sexiest of crooners, Errol Brown.

In these fast-changing and pretty bleak times, we will always have the humble and spontaneous ‘night in’ as a warm and welcome means for temporary escape.


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