Photo Credit: Lies Engelen

Photo Credit: Lies Engelen

Info Text / Bio
Berlin-based DJ duo and couple Brax Moody (Munich) and Vamparela (Thessaloniki) have been collaborating together since 2007, either as a DJ duo, in bands, or as remixers and music producers. Merging the rhythm and dynamism of Munich’s hip-hop clubs with the grime and attitude of Thessaloniki’s back-alley indie bars gives an idea of how to categorize Local Suicide: a straight-up energetic fusion of new wave, slow techno, post disco, acid house or as they like to call it “technodisco”.

As DJs they’ve played all over Europe, Asia, North Africa, South America and the US with gigs at Lollapalooza, Melt!, Amsterdam Dance Event, Off Sonar, Berlin Festival and almost every club the German capital has to offer whilst holding down day jobs in the music industry and running one of the top 10 independent music & lifestyle blogs in Germany with 30+ international editors. Rest assured that these two have honed their musical tastes and chops.

Having organized parties, festivals, and moderated radio shows for years, Local Suicide are just as much at ease inside the booth as they are outside. June 2014 saw them release their debut single “We can go everywhere” on Bordello a Parigi alongside remixes from In Flagranti, Richard Rossa and Inigo Vontier. The release has been supported by XLR8R, Thump, DJ Mag, Mixmag, De:Bug amongst many others and We can go everywhere adds a major stone to the duo’s path to major world disco take-over. Owl & Wizzle which they produced with Rodion in his vintage synth studio in Berlin that features Mz Sunday Luv on vocal duties was released in June 2016 on Multi Culti‘s first Compilation after being premiered on THUMP. It quickly reached the top 30 Beatport Indie/Nu disco Charts and was heading the Juno balearic/downtempo charts for a month. In July 2016 the duo released a remix for Digitalism (also co-produced with Rodion) on PIAS Cooperative. In January 2017 a remix by My Favorite Robot of a track by Rodion & Local Suicide was released on My Favorite Robot Recordsannual winter compilation which got praised by DJ Mag (7,5/10) and FAZE Mag (9/10) among others. On August 25, 2017 the duo released another 12” EP with Rodion on My Favorite Robot Records with remixes by Moscoman, Fairmont and Los Mekanikos which got reviewed by the likes of DJ Mag Italy (7,5/10), Mixmag UK (8/10), GrooveFAZE (8/10) & DJ Mag UK (8/10). It also got added to Spotify‘s ‘Fresh Finds’ playlist and entered the Beatport top 30 sales charts.

In 2018 there are EP’s coming up with Mexican producer Mijo via Roam Recordings including remixes by Sascha Funke Simple Symmetry, another collaboration EP with Curses with 4 original tracks on TUSK Wax, a track with Rodion on the Second Gathering (the Sisters & Brothers mini compilation curated by Kaspar Bjorke & Sexy Lazer) via HFN Music, an EP with Theus Mago on Duro with remixes by Aera and Colossio and a few more up the line!

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PDF: Bio / Info Text 2014
PDF: Tech Rider + Stage Plan
JPG: Logo (High Res) – by Schmitz & Wiesner
ZIP: Press Photos 2016 (High Res) – Credit: Lies Engelen
ZIP: Press Photos 2015 (High Res) – Credit: Dina Pascal
ZIP: Press Photos 2014 (High Res) – Credit: Tim Dobrovolny


Mobile Phone:    +49 15140120480

Gig Hightlights

AT-Vienna: Pratersauna
AT-Linz: Solaris
BE-Charleroi: Open Air
CH-Basel:Balz / Hinterhof / Jägerhalle / Nordstern /  Saxo
CH-Luzern: Rok Club / Tunnel
CH-St.Gallen: Paul Club
CN-Beijing: Lantern
CN-Chengdu: TAG
CN-Hangzhou: Loopy
CN-Ningbo: Ad Lip
CN-Shanghai: Elevator
CZ-Prague: Palac Acropolis / Sasazu / Yes! Club
DE-Aachen: Aoxomoxoa / Musikbunker
DE-Berlin: About Blank / Berghain / Birgit & Bier / Chalet / Sisyphos /Cookies / Golden Gate / Griessmühle / Ipse / Kater Blau / Katerholzig / Ritter Butzke / Salon zur Wilden Renate / Suicide Circus / Villa / Watergate / Weekend
DE-Cologne: Bahnhof Ehrenfeld / Gebäude 9 / Stadtgarten / Werkstatt
DE-Hamburg: Baalsaal / Golden Pudel / Prinzenbar
DE-Munich: Atomic Cafe / Backstage / Cord / Pimpernel / Wannda Circus
DNK-Copenhagen: Culture Box
ES-Barcelona: Moog / Casa Gracia
FR-Paris: 4 Elements / Le Klub / Raymond Club / Silencio
FR-Marseille: La Dame Noir Club
FR-Nice: Bolybar
FI-Levi: Hullu Poro Arena
GR-Thessaloniki: Art House / Coo / La Doze / Shelter 23 / Tokio / Treehouse / Überdooze / Urania / Zenit
GR-Athens: Boiler / Cantina Social / HIGGS / Six D.O.G.S / Studio 54
GR-Chalkidiki: Le Mantri / Talgo / To Kastro
HKG-Hongkong:  Salon 10 / Social Room
IL-Tel Aviv: Bootleg / Breakfast / Deli  / Duplex / Michatronix / Shlagzane / Tahat
IL-Haifa: Sofia Club
IS-Reykjavik: Gamla Bio
IT-Rome: Open Air
KHM-Phnom Penh: Darkness Of The Heart
LV-Riga: Kaņepes Kultūras Centrs / Omas Briljanta Istaba
MAR-Marrakech: Gossip Club
MX-Guadalajara: Chupiteria La Favorita
MX-Mexico City: MN Roy / Mono / Rhodesia
MX-Playa Del Carmen: La Mezcalinna / Roadless at Sacbe
MX-Tulum: Dragon Turquesa / Mur Mur
NO-Oslo: Dattera Til Hagen
POL-Poznan: Schron
PT-Lisbon: Op Art
ROU-Bucharest: Control Club
SE-Stockholm: Debaser / East
TH-Bangkok: Black Pagoda /  Glow / Whiteline – Safe Room / VIVA & AVIV
TH-Phuket: Bermudos / Catch Beach Club
TH-Koh Phangan:  Loi Lay / Mer Ka Ba / Sandcastle
TH-Koh Samui: DuDu Bao
TN-Sousse: Saloon
TR-Istanbul: Gigology / Follow
US-New York: Cameo Gallery
UK-London: Soho House / The Waiting Room
VN-Saigon: Lighthouse / The Observatory
VN-Phu Quoc: Itaca
Festivals: La Pampa ’11 / Rage Against Abschiebung ’11 / La Pampa ’12 / 20 Years City Slang Festival ’11 / Rue Du Jaune ’12 / Mute Festival ’12 / Greenville ’12 / Off Sonar ’13 / MELT! Festival ’13 / XJazz ’14 / MELT! Festival ’14 / Off Sonar ’14 / Amsterdam Dance Event ’14 / Tel Aviv Volume Festival ’15 / Lapp Dance Festival ’15 / Berlin Festival ’15 / Off Sonar ’15 / Melt! Festival ’15 / Freunde Treffen Festival ’15 / Coincidance x Roadless Mexico Festival ’16 / Melt! Festival ’16 / Lollapalooza Berlin ’16 / Off Sonar ’17 / Melt! Festival ’17 /Off Sonar ’18 / Melt! Festival ’18 / Pop Kultur Festival ’18 / Forte Festival ’18
Warm Up Slots: New Order / …Trail Of Death / Digitalism / Tiga / Bob Moses
Cooperate Events: Emporio Armani / Lieferando / Desperados / Native Instruments / Sennheiser / MyKita / Weekday


We Can Go Everywhere EP /w Remixes by Inflagranti, Inigo Vontier, Richard Rossa (Bordello A Parigi)

Owl & Wizzle
/w Rodion & Mz Sunday Luv included in Multi Culti’s first label compilation ‘Sun Gaze / Moon Faze’ (Multi Culti)
Digitalism – Destination Breakdown (Remix) /w Rodion (PIAS Cooperative)
Elisa Waut – Russia (Edit) (Night Noise)

Abu Dhabi (My Favorite Robot Remix) /w Rodion included in ‘Winter Sampler Compilatio’ (My Favorite Robot Records)
Abu Dhabi (My Favorite Robot Remix) /w Rodion included in ‘Best Of Year Seven Compilation’ (My Favorite Robot Records)
Abu Dhabi / True Love Floats EP /w Alibey, Rodion /w remixes by Moscoman, Fairmont, My Favorite Robot & Los Mekanikos (My Favorite Robot Records)

True Love Floats (Fairmont Remix) /w Rodion included in ‘Best Of Year Nine Compilation’ (My Favorite Robot Records)
Le Nez D’une Generation /w Rodion on The Second Gathering Compilation (Sisters & Brothers / hfn Music)
Komm Ins Loch EP /w Theus Mago /w remixes by Aera & Colossio (Duro)
Who Cares? /w Curses on a 4-track vinyl compilation (Ombra Intl.)
Edo Kai Tora / Ganz Falsch EP /w Mijo /w remixes by Sascha Funke & Simple Symmetry (Roam Recordings)
Magia EP /w Curses (Tusk Wax)

Hosted & Organised Events at:
DE-Berlin: Katerholzig, Arena, Chalet, Weekend, Badeschiff, Prince Charles, Rosis, Bohnengold, Beate Uwe, Cosmic Kaspar, Bartausend, Nasti Club, AVA, Brunnen 70…

Selected Quotes From Our Debut EP ‘We Can Go Everywhere':

‘the perfect cabrio song!’ NOISEY
‘…lacing retro chord stabs with a seemingly never-ending array of disco-minded percussion and a good deal of Moroder-indebted synth work.’ XLR8R
‘…this claptastic tune will make you wanna put your hands up in the air!’ VICE THUMP

Selected Quotes From EP with Rodion ‘Abu Dhabi / True Love Floats':
“…a trudging acid cut that proves that three minds are better than one.” Mixmag UK
“…eine Slow Jam der Extraklasse…” Groove
“…DAF meets Depeche Mode meets Jeff Mills” FAZE
“…suona ancora più aliena con un andamento meccanico scandito dalle voci filtrate che non accompagnano lo svoglimento” DJ MAG IT
“su postura psicodélica y medio chamánica, generando un espacio para la estética oscura, cálida, fresca” DJ MAG LA

Selected Quotes From EP with Mijo ‘Edo Kai Tora / Ganz Falsch':

“…from dark disco to EBM, jacking acid, and warped post-punk” XLR8R
“…electronic boogie with an arpeggiated bass line and chopped vocals that Moscow duo Simple Symmetry turns into a post-punk anthem” DJ MAG IT
“…sharper than a hypodermic needle fresh from a bag, it’s going to tattoo your eardrums and make your soul dance until its feet bleed or fall off. In a good way, obviously.” 44,100 HZ SOCIAL CLUB
“…Ganz Falsch is a properly neon-lit nu-disco jam, that’s bound to get you boogying right into the stratosphere” JUNO
“…It is the voice of Vamparela that turns the goth /dark beat of Mijo into a cult anthem. Big proof of the no wave/ dark explosion that is happening in Greece at the moment.” AVOPOLIS

Online Features:
XLR8R, Vice Thump, Groove, Kaltblut, Ransom NotePsykonautTruckerdisco, SerialGK, Magnetic Mag, Densomag, Novafuture, Popperola, JAZZVE, Disco Suicide, Hirnverbrandt, FAZEmagComo Las Grecas, Mixside, Dressed Like Machines, Killerrr, Beatburguer, Deathbyrepetition, Motsradio, Your Mom’s, Hipodrome, Nothing But Hope And Passion, Mots Radio, Minimalitalia, Madeyoulook, Soundmag, LesYeuxOrange, Virus SRF, SerialGK, EDM NetworkDifferentgrooves, The Beat Manifesto, Clubbingspain, Ohm-Mag, Serial GK, Intro, Deephouseradar,,,,,,,,,,,,,, bigshotmag, Sian2nite, Kanndennliebesynthiesein.comDJ Mag (Latinamerica)Electronic GroovePure.fmihouseu.comScanner FMhirnverbrandtSerialGK.comInsomniac.comThirst4beats.comEarmilkXLR8ROnlyTechnoLeolgarColorisingDJ Mag LASoundspace, Liquid YouthXLR8RLiquid YouthAvopolisLocal SuicideDisco SuicideDubiks.comSerialGKTheWaveFormTransmitterJunoThe Club Map

Radio Airplay:
RTRFM 92.1 (AUS), chry105.5fm (CA), Rinse FM (FR), Radio Carleton CKCU 93.1 FM (CA), Piooner DJ Radio (CRO), Space RadioFM (CRO), MixpeopleFM (CRO), DinamoFM (CRO), Wreck This Mess Radio Show (FR),House Nation Radio (FR), WOMR College Radio (GER), BLN.FM (GER), Deutschlandradio (GER), FM4 (AT), Additan Radio (GER) Flux FM (GER), Radio Zusa (GER), Ct Das Radio (GER), Radio Fritz (GER), Westradio (GR), The Zone (IT), AltroVerso Radio (IT), Tunnel FM (SWE), Kiss FM Ukraine (UKR), Manchester Global Radio (UK), Space Radio (Kenya), Mix People FM (Spain), Radio Studio B (Serbia), VIRUS SRF (CH), 101,5 FM Montreal (CA), Space Radio FM, Mixpeople FM, Dinamo FM, WTM Radio Paris, House Nation Radio, Byte FM (GER), Freies Radio Freudenstadt (GER), Kiddaz FM, XLR1505, Aditan Radio, Up N Loud Radio, A, UNK Fm, Clubbing FM, Soe FM, Ibizaglobalradio, Kiss FM Ukraine, Pulse Radio, Subdivisions Radio Show, Radio Feierwerk, WNYU, Motor FM, Flux FM, Campusradio Jena, Radio Okkerwelle, Radio Fritz, BLN.FM, Byte FM, Eldoradio, Steezyradio, Radio Rheinwelle, Deutschlandradio Kultur, Delta FM, FM4, Radio Z, Ibiza Global Radio, Hoxton FM, Radio Partygroove, Flux FM, Global Communication, Bruzz FM, Byte FM, Golden Wings Radio, Kane FM, Berlin Soul, Nice Radio, 5UINTO, Radio Resonance, Mots Radio, BR Zündfunk, Radio Funkwerk,Hostage RadioRinse FM, BR2: Zündfunk, Radio Z, DJ Radio, Space Radio FM, Mix People FM, Dinamo FMProton Radio, Krafted RadioGradski radio TrogirRadio LabinRadio MaestralRadio StacioniGradski Radio TrogirRadio LabinRadio KLFMRadio Veronica FMRadio Aparat808radio, Oscillator Radio Show, CHUO 89,1 FM, CJUM 101,5 FM, CKCU 93,1 FM, Radio Ottawa, Avopolis Radio, Base FMThe Third Ear,

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DJ Mag ItalyMixmag UKGroove GER), FAZE (GER), DJ Mag UK, Attack Magazine, DJ Mag (IT), FAZE Mag (GER), DJ Mag (UK), DJ Mag (US), Mixmag (GER), Trax (FR), VENTS Magazine (CAR), Gonzola Magazine,  DE:BUG (GER), DJ Mag Spain (ESP), Curt Magazine (GER), Fresh Guide (GER), Tip (GER), Subculture (GER), Zitty (GER), Intro (GER) Athinorama (GR), Berlin Poche (GER), Prinz (GER), Unclesallys (GER), In München (GER), Festivalguide (GER), OPAK (GER), Partysan (GER), Greatest Berlin (GER), Time Out Tel Aviv (ISR), Rolling Stone (GER), Athens Voice (GR), Berliner Zeitung (GER), FAZE (GER),  DJ Mag IT (IT), Tsugi (FR)

Chart Peaks:
#23 ‘True Love Floats’ (Fairmont Remix) (Beatport: Indie-Dance / Nu Disco Single Charts)
#27 ‘True Love Floats (Moscoman Remix) (Beatport: Indie-Dance / Nu Disco Single Charts)
#44 ‘True Love Floats (Original)  (Beatport: Indie-Dance / Nu Disco Single Charts)
#53 ‘Abu Dhabi’ (Original) (Beatport: Indie-Dance / Nu Disco Single Charts)
#71 ‘Abu Dhabi’ (Los Mekanikos Remix) (Beatport: Indie-Dance / Nu Disco Single Charts)
#44 ‘Abu Dhabi’ (My Favorite Robot Remix) (Beatport: Indie-Dance / Nu Disco Single Charts)
#35 ‘Owl & Wizzle’ feat Mz Sunday Luv (Beatport: Indie-Dance / Nu Disco Single Charts)
#64 ‘True Love Floats (Fairmont Remix)’ (iTunes: Dance / Country: Turkey)
#46 True Love Floats (Moscoman Remix)’ (iTunes: Dance / Country: Turkey)
#32 ‘True Love Floats’ (iTunes: Dance / India)
#19 ‘Edo Kai Tora / Ganz Falsch EP‘ (Beatport Indie Dance / Nu Disco Release Charts)
#1 Edo Kai Tora (Sascha Funke Remix) (Beatport Indie Dance / Nu Disco Best New Release Staff Picks)
#19 Ganz Falsch (Simple Symmetry Remix) (Beatport Indie Dance / Nu Disco Single Charts)
#20 Edo Kai Tora (Sascha Funke Remix) (Beatport Indie Dance / Nu Disco Single Charts)
#12 Edo Kai Tora / Ganz Falsch EP (Juno Download Minimal /Tech House Release Charts)
#7 Edo Kai Tora / Ganz Falsch EP (Juno Download Staff Selection)
#174 Ganz Falsch (Simple Symmetry Remix) (iTunes: Dance / Russia)


EP ‘We Can Go Everywhere’ 2014, Bordello A Parigi

EP ‘Abu Dhabi / True Love Floats’ 2017, My Favorite Robot

EP ‘Edo Kai Tora / Ganz Falsch’ 2018, Roam Recordings



Video for Rodion & Local Suicide – True Love Floats (Original Mix)

Video for Rodion & Local Suicide – Abu Dhabi (Original Mix)

Video for Rodion & Local Suicide – True Love Floats (Moscoman Remix):

Original Video ‘Owl & Wizzle':

Original Video ‘We Can Go Everywhere':

Perel playing the Fairmont Remix of ‘True Love Floats’ at Off Sonar, 2018:

Âme playing the Aera remix of ‘Komm Ins Loch’ at the Off Sonar 2018 Innervisions Party at Poble Espanyol:

Dixon playing ‘Le Nez D’Une Generation’ in Berlin:

Video for In Flagranti’s Remix:

Video Mixtape:

Local Suicide At Ritter Butzke:

Trailer from Your Mom’s Agency, Music by Local Suicide: