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The history of the DJ & producer duo and couple Local Suicide stretches back over a decade to the year 2009. Since meeting, Munich-born Brax Moody and Thessaloniki native Vamparela have collaborated together on various projects, all culminating in the conception of Local Suicide in Berlin. Local Suicide’s distinctive sound, is an energetic fusion of new wave, slow techno, post disco and acid house that they themselves have given the name technodisco, while Beatport declared them as one of the key figures in the uprising dark disco scene.

Their DJ career has carried them to all four corners of the world, whipping crowds into a frenzy at Lollapalooza, Melt!, ADE, Off Sonar, Festival Forte, Berlin Festival and almost every club the German capital has to offer. Their live cuts have been honed to perfection with years of shows alongside the very best in the scene, even being invited by New Order to warm up for their live performance. This hectic schedule has taken them across Europe, Asia, North Africa, South America and the United States. As the faces behind some of the most prolific parties Berlin has to offer, these two were the driving forces of the infamous T.O.F.U (Too Old For Understatement) parties, which are just one of the many marks that they have left on the Berlin underground scene.

With solo & collaborative releases with Curses, Theus Mago, Rodion, Mijo, Alejandro Paz, Thomass Jackson, Younger Than Me, Kalipo, Skelesys, Franz Matthews & more on labels such as Bordello A Parigi, Multi Culti, My Favorite Robot, Roam, Duro, Ombra INTL, Tusk Wax, Lumière Noire, Eskimo, AEON, Ransom Note, NEIN & TAU the duo had numerous releases reaching the top 10 iTunes, Beatport & Juno charts and had massive playlist support by Spotify (Electronic Rising, Afterhours, Fresh Finds, Organica, Balearic Beat) and Apple Music (The Underground,10s Electrónica Latinoamericana Essentials).

They got remixed by the likes of Iñigo Vontier, Moscoman, Fairmont, Sascha Funke, Bufi, Aera, Smagghe & Cross, Lauer, Chaim, Manfredas, NTEIBINT, Simple Symmetry, Italo Brutalo, Mufti, The KVB, Tronik Youth to mention a few and did remixes for Digitalism, Tulioxi, Mentrix, Persona, FLXXX, Remi Wanless, Leo Af Ekenstam, John Parsley, Gøne, Packim, Pyrame & more.

The duo has had a stunning amount of press coverage from leading mags like DJ Mag UK/IT/US/LA/ES, Mixmag, FAZE, Groove, TRAX, Time Out, Tsugi, XLR8R & Rolling Stone and has recently played themselves in Fett & Fett, a series broadcasted on the biggest german national TV station ZDF in which their musical productions were featured extensively as well.

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Greco-German Vamparela and Brax Moody of unstoppable DJ and producer duo and couple Local Suicide do not believe in half measures when it comes to their music. In addition to maintaining careers in the music industry, and putting on some of the most infamous underground parties Berlin has to offer, these two are still finding time to make waves with their productions and drive live audiences into a frenzy not just in their chosen hometown of Berlin but across all four corners of the world. A wild fusion of new wave, acid, slow techno, EBM and post-disco is what defines the signature Local Suicide sound, and these propulsive grooves have recently been woven into releases with the likes of influential artists such as Rodion, Mijo, Theus Mago Alejandro Paz and Curses, winning them overwhelming support across the board from the music press and prolific DJs. The coming year holds a lot of promise in store for this dynamic duo, with a series of upcoming EPs, tracks in compilations and remixes marking the next stepping stone on their journey to worldwide cobra wave and techno-disco takeover.

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FOLDER: Press Photos 2020 (High Res) (photo credit: Petra Ruehle)


We Can Go Everywhere EP /w Remixes by Inflagranti, Inigo Vontier, Richard Rossa (Bordello A Parigi)

Owl & Wizzle
/w Rodion & Mz Sunday Luv on “Sun Gaze / Moon Faze” compilation (Multi Culti)
Digitalism – Destination Breakdown (Remix) /w Rodion (PIAS Cooperative)
Elisa Waut – Russia (Edit) (Night Noise)

Abu Dhabi (My Favorite Robot Remix) /w Rodion included in “Winter Sampler” compilation (My Favorite Robot Records)
Abu Dhabi (My Favorite Robot Remix) /w Rodion included in “Best Of Year Seven” compilation’ (My Favorite Robot Records)
Abu Dhabi / True Love Floats EP /w Alibey, Rodion /w remixes by Moscoman, Fairmont, My Favorite Robot & Los Mekanikos (My Favorite Robot Records)

True Love Floats (Fairmont Remix) /w Rodion included in “Best Of Year Nine” compilation’ (My Favorite Robot Records)
Le Nez D’une Generation /w Rodion on “The Second Gathering” compilation (Sisters & Brothers / hfn Music)
Edo Kai Tora / Ganz Falsch EP /w Mijo /w remixes by Sascha Funke & Simple Symmetry (Roam Recordings)
Vespertines Unite /w Low Manuel (Nothing Is Real)
Le Nez D’une Generation /w Rodion on “Best Of hfn Music 2018” compilation (hfn Music)

Komm Ins Loch EP
/w Theus Mago /w remixes by Aera & Colossio (Duro)
Who Cares
/w Curses on a 4-track vinyl compilation (Ombra Intl.)
Magia EP
/w Curses (Tusk Wax)
Meditation / Tutan Jamon EP
/w Franz Matthews (Eskimo Recordings)
Leopard Gum EP
feat. Nicki Fehr /w remixes by Smagghe & Cross / Lauer & Niv Ast (Lumière Noire)
Meditation & Tutan Jamon Remixes EP /w remixes by Manfredas, Chaim, The Oddness & NTEIBINT (Eskimo Recordings)
Late Sunday Night /w Younger Than Me on Late Summer vol 9″ compilation (LAGASTA)
Jaroška – Eating Knives (Remix) /w Skelesys (PPP Records)
Tulioxi – To End Up In Dark Mali (Remix) /w Circle Scope (Heimlich)

Dominator EP
/w Kalipo /w remixes by Theus Mago, Bufi & Radial Gaze (Hold Your Ground)
Wunderbar EP /w Kalipo /w remixes by Italo Brutalo, Mufti, Back From The Wave & T.M.A (Hold Your Ground)
Mentrix – Walk (Remix) (House Of Strength)
Take It Easy /w Alejandro Paz on “Lost Artists Vol. 3” compilation (AEON)
Hit & Miss /w Thomass Jackson on “Ransom Note presents Pen Pals” compilation (Ransom Note Records)
Hoffnung /w Alejandro Paz on “International Waters Vol. 1” compilation (Ombra Intl.)
Persona – Game Drive (Remix) (Side UP Works)
Technician /w Theus Mago on “Spektrum 2” compilation (TAU)
Click Click /w Skelesys on “Path Integral III” compilation (Sum Over Histories)
Peacock EP /w Alejandro Paz /w remixes by Tronik Youth, Stockholm Syndrome, Gegen Mann (NEIN Records)
Disco Bizarre /w Billy Idle on “Free Love Vol. 01 – Charity Compilation for KitKat Club” compilation (Disco Bizarre)
Fisherman Solitude /w Time To Sleep on “VA.LUES 01.” compilation (Secret Fusion)
FLXXX – The Past Has No Power (Remix) (Roam Recordings)
Pyrame – The Fine Line Between Us (Remix) (Thisbe Recordings)
Remi Wanless – Italian Laser Treatment (Remix) (Midnight People)
Peacock (Stockholm Syndrome AU Remix) /w Alejandro Paz on “NEIN 2020” compilation (NEIN Records)
Leo Af Ekenstam – March (Remix) /w Time To Sleep (Play Pal Music)
Tough As Leather /w Skelesys on “Meteors EP” compilation (Logical Records)
John Parsley – Highlife (Remix) /w Time To Sleep (Playground Records)
Peacock (Stockholm Syndrome Remix) /w Alejandro Paz included in “NEIN 2020” compilation (NEIN Records)
FLXXX – The Past Has No Power (Remix) on “The Roam Compilation, Vol. 5” compilation (Roam Recordings)

Komm Ins Loch (Colossio Remix) /w Theus Mago on “HARD FIVE: A Five Year Duro Retrospective” compilation (Duro)
The Snitch /w Thomass Jackson on “Kaputt​.​wav Vol. II: Reserva / Voz Terra” compilation (Kaputt.wav)
Directions EP /w Alejandro Paz /w remixes by DJs Pareja, Undo & Velax (Darkroom Dubs)
To Vathos /w Theus Mago on “Zoo Vol.01” compilation (Feines Tier)
Gøne – Tides (Remix) (Ladino Romance)
Grounding /w Wolfstream on “Hand 2 Hand” compilation (Hand 2 Hand)
Faster Faster /w Skelesys on “Curses Presents Next Wave Acid Punx”compilation (Eskimo Recordings)