Requiem for an urban dream – Villa Closing Weekend

One of the last spots for a free and artful club culture will be shut down very soon. The Villa (Landsberger Allee 54) was not known to many Berlinians, but it was known to a very international crowd of party people, who knew, that at this old brewery the newest movements of club music made their first marks in the Berlin sand. I’ve seen so many brillant shows in that haunted fun house, had so many brillant nights there.

Now it’s just another victim of gentrification (besides that, avantgarde and underground culture always are the pioneers of that phenomena).

I will be deejaying on Saturday night on the only this time opened third floor, which will be in the basement, longside the Greco-Roman artists Totally Extinct Enourmous Dinosaurs and Fulll Nelson and Marvin Suggs from Oye Records. And Local Suicide’s Vamparela is djing on Saturday afternoon from 16 til 19 o’ clock!

Also I’ve compiled kind of a requiem mixtape for this sad weekend. So open your ears and your hearts, ‘caus this contains mostly classical music.

Sol Tight’s Villa Closing Party Compilation

Posted by Sol Tight