Retro: The Modern Human Race Pt. 1

This was once everyday life, now it is a part of the human race’s history. Sad, malicious, funny, brave moments. Have a look:

1. Revealing the head of The Statue of Liberty, 1885

2. Annie Edson Taylor (October 24, 1838 – April 29, 1921) who, on her 63rd birthday, October 24, 1901, became the first person to survive a trip over Niagara Falls in a barrel. She did it to avoid poorhouse.annie eds1FxRC9G

3. Charlie Chaplin at the age of 27, 1916

4. A circus hippo used to pull a car, 1924

5. Woman with a gas-resistant pram, England, 1938

6. A soldier sharing his bananas with a little goat, Battle of Saipan, during World War II, 1944

7. On May 1, 1947, 23-year-old Evelyn McHale fell from the Empire State Building and landed on a United Nations limousine. Photography student Robert Wiles, who happened to be passing by, took a photo of McHale’s strangely intact body a few minutes after her death. The police found a suicide note on the observation deck: “I don’t want anyone in or out of my family to see any part of me. Could you destroy my body by cremation? I beg of you and my family – don’t have any service for me or remembrance for me. My fiance asked me to marry him in June. I don’t think I would make a good wife. He is much better off without me.Tell my father, I have too many of my mother’s tendencies.”. The photo was included in the 1947 edition of Life magazine and is often referred to as “The Most Beautiful Suicide”.
It was later used by Andy Warhol in one of his prints entitled Fallen Body.
suicide andy

8. A broke mother in despair putting her children up for sale, Chicago, 1948
for sale

9. Elvis in the army, 1958

10. Last prisoners leaving Alcatraz, America’s first maximum security civilian penitentiary. Daily life at the prison was extremely hard, as the prisoners only had four rights: medical attention, shelter, food and clothing. There were 14 attempts to escape from Alcatraz prison involving 36 inmates. Every escape attempt failed, and most participants were either killed or quickly caught.
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