Review: Atom TM – HD

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Uwe Schmidt (aka Atom Heart, Atom™Señor Coconut and many others you can discover on his Wikipedia page) has produced so many different things over the last 20+ years it makes you wonder where he gets his inspiration from !

His latest opus, just released on raster-noton, is called HD and although it’s beautifully produced, does not stand for High Definition but Hard Drive ;)

It’s guaranteed with no filler, full of surprising robotic vocals saying thought-provoking stuff: “Corporate sound in Dolby Surround” on “Stop (Imperialist Pop)” aimed directly at majors.

Even track names are great like “I love U (Like I love my Drum Machine)” featuring the very present right now Jamie Lidell.
A nice suprise is also a fitting glitchy cover of The Who’s My Generation !

To quote the nice Resident Advisor review I urge you to read: “All told, HD is that rare album both chin-scratchers and musical sweet-tooths can revel in. It’s heady stuff, but only if you want it to be.”

Stream: Atom TM – Auszug aus der Bowman Suite

Stream: Atom TM – Wellen Und Feder

Video: Atom TM – HD 03

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