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8-bit tinted music is always very welcome in our waters because it brings a bit of relief and nonchalance to an otherwise somewhat overly-serious music world. Candie Hank is one of the multiple projects of hyper-active Kreuzberg resident Patric Catani aka the man of a 1000 faces.

With his new album Demons, released on Shitkatapult (home to Berlin greats such as Apparat, Phon.o and T.Raumschmiere), Candie Hank combines the uncombinable in the shape of a savant blend of arabesque melodic lines, ghostly female choruses, amphetamine-charged drumming and Jamaican spoken word set to an analogue scenery of digital bass-lines and Casio synths.

Filtering and distilling the mania with ice cold calculation, Candie casts his insanity into every track of the album, with each song displaying its strong identity through the diversity of the arrangements and the wide range of instruments and sounds involved.

The most club-friendly track of the album is without a doubt the dark trap anthem What is your name, in which Catani sticks a stuttering ghetto chiptune line atop a simple and effective drum pattern. Super punk sounding drums drive the track through its transitions, while an exorcism sample hints towards the title of the album.

Tracks such as Solaris and shadowism, a bouncy electronic hip-hop number, or Elevator Life, a wonky digital ska track and probably the most video-game sounding song off the album, remind us of Patric Catanis work with the Puppetmastaz and it’s easy to imagine Mr Maloke and Panic the Pig, blasting through the studio door and demanding a right to spits bars over the cartoonish beats.

Other highlights of the album include Think about you mama and Swimming rabbit which features the theatrical vocals of Yuko Matsuyama and which gives out the feel of a tango best danced drunk.

Throughout the album Candie Hank reminds us of how fun, creative and effortlessly cool the 8-bit scene is and his music brings to mind the genre-defying work of people such as Mike Patton, who do not see why, and rightly so, it would be a problem to switch between polka, metal and dub within the same track. Demons is a great accumulation of musical directions and ideas, best enjoyed with a certain detachment and a heavy pinch of salt and the album as a whole showcases how great a master of his own unpredictability Patric Catani has become.

Catch Candie Hank live at Urbanspree this Friday for the double Candie Hank and Chris Imler release party (presented by Berlin independent music promotion hero AmStart) and to get your hands on the CD, LP or digital version of the album head over to the Shitkatapult online store.

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