Review: Christian Wünsch – Internal Conversion

Only in the field of techno can somebody have 70 releases under their belt before finally getting round to making an album, but that just resonates with a unifying theme of techno; its tendency not to rush into things.

Monaco’s Christian Wünsch has been doing the circuit in excess of 15 years now and has truly earned the status of veteran within the scene. Wünsch has always had a style that I don’t think anybody would dispute is predominantly raw and deep, and “Internal Conversion” (out on PoleGroup) is not an announcement of a new stylistic direction, it is Wünsch doing what he does best.

With 9 tracks in total Wünsch gets a bit more experimental then he typically does with a 4 track e.p. Tunes such as “When the Process is Expected”, “Radioactive Decay” and title track “Internal Conversion” offer us a more droney/soundscapey journey where the drums take a bit more of a back seat weaving in an out of rich industrial pads that are quite frankly chilling, both quite Dadubeque. Wünsch has of course by no means neglected the rompers, my favourite of which is Ionized, its got everything I could ask of an industrial tune, strong hypnotic beat side chained to a morphing soundscape, lovely raw and rhythmic lead, percussion that does exactly what you want but occasionally catches you off guard.

If there is a unifying theme to this album, beyond the obvious traits, I’s say it is it’s subtle progressiveness. “Progressive” is a word most people associate with specific sub genres of music, and most of the names within those sub-genres use pretty cheap tricks to progress their tunes. What Wünsch demonstrates here is an amazing ability to make a tune that takes you on a journey without resorting to obvious tactics.

Quite frankly I don’t know him much longer I can listen to this album at home with headphones on sitting in a chair stone cold sober, its making me long for a dark dingy room with Internal Conversion at a disturbing volume. Lovely album, not for the faint hearted techno dabbler, one for the purists to seek solace in!

Stream the entire album on clubbingspain.

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