Review: Christian Wünsch – Unknown Landscapes Volume 2 (PoleGroup)

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1 year after PoleGroup’s first mix CD, co-label owner Christian Wünsch rises up to the challenge of picking up where Oscar Mulero left off. Originating from northern Spain, Wünsch is no stranger to this game and has been releasing since 1998, either solo or through his Spherical Coordinates project alongside Oscar Mulero and as should be expected from a PoleGroup release, his selection draws from the darkest and more dangerous suburbs of Technopia.

The first half of the compilation features contributions by Reeko, Claudio PRC, Kessell and Tensal to name a few and is somewhat ordinary but works well as an appetizer that draws the listener into a world where machines breathe and think to the mechanical steadiness of muffled kicks. Stand-out tracks here include the very minimal Close Resemblance where Adriana Lopez holds a tight leash on a brooding arpeggiator and Woo York’s also sparse Farewell Old Friend and its suspiciously overfriendly melodic line.

The middle of the mix is dominated by a more sci-fi and industrial feel. Wünsch drops two tracks, first as Spherical Coordinates and then under his own name. His solo contribution Beta V.0.5 focuses on bursts of noise that filter in and out of the track. The song works well as a dreamy piece of respite before the brutal assault of Error Etica’s TV Treated, which sounds like the perfect soundtrack if you intend on escaping from a high-security prison.

Wünsch really gets going with Go Hiyama’s polyrhythmic Mean. From then-on he pulls out a great selection of sharp dance-floor weapons from his bag: Exium’s Arkanis is a great piece whose repetitiveness gnaws your brains functions to bits, P.E.A.R.L sinks deep with Memoria and its omnipresent haunting alarm and Tripeo concludes the journey with Zebog, where a psychedelic synth crosses the collision course of a heartbeat kick.

This kind of music is really made to be listened to over a gigantic sound-system in a packed, dark and smoke-filled club and it’s hard to do the mix much justice when listened to through headphones. Which brings us to the next point. The release party for Unknown Landscapes Volume 2 will be held in the always awesome setting of Tresor on December 30th with sets by Lewis Fautzi, Adriana Lopez, Claudio PRC and a live set by man of the day Christian Wünsch.

The CD version of the mix is out now on PoleGroup and the vinyl version of the mix also features 4 standalone versions of Tripeo, Woo York, Claudio PRC and Christian Wünsch’s contributions to the mix.

1- Reeko – Busted
2- Claudio PRC – Atik
3- Kessell – Kelva
4- Tensal  – PGA1
5- Lewis Fautzi – Desinformation
6- Adriana Lopez  – Close Resemblance
7- Ness – Neuronic
8- Woo York – Farewell Old Friend
9- Spherical Coordinates – SCNWO-20
10- Christian Wünsch – Beta v.0.5
11- Error Etica – TV Treated
12- Giorgio Gigli – Synergetic Exposure
13- Donor  – Cell 424
14- Oscar Mulero – Northern Work
15- Go Hiyama – Mean
16- Ben Gibson – Devine Process
17- Exium – Arkanis
18- P.E.A.R.L. – Memoria
19- Subjected – Shift
20- Kwartz – Control
21- Tripeo – Zebog

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