Review: Deas & Midi Zoo – 2CB EP

It always gets to a point in a night out when the frontal lobe starts regaining its faculties, gives the go to the clearing out of the accumulated clutter and decides that now is the good time to head home, reclaim back half of your weights worth of bodily fluids and sleep for the rest of your life. But that’s only until a song like Deas & Midi Zoo’s 2CB comes on. And when that song comes on, the screw-this light switches on and reverting to primal dance moves in a booming dank dark room seems like the most sensible thing to do.

Flying the Secret room recordings flag high, Polish producers Deas and Midi Zoo recently dropped a wonderfully dark and deep Techno EP consisting of two suitably named tracks, 2CB and The Drugs. Lead track 2CB, kicks off in the low-end, introducing packs of reverbed clicks and clocks and then dropping down into a cloud of hypnotic swooshes. The samples and nonchalant melodic elements add to the general moodiness of the song and from beginning to end 2CB sounds like a sophisticated tripper that would work incredibly well under the influence of the referenced brainhacker.

Slightly deeper, The drugs draws you into its psychedelic jaws and rolls out a carefully crafted steady path for the listener to follow. The way the verse drops in makes it feel like you should really be listening to the song while putting your head underwater in slow motion. The drugs is interesting because of the way it manages to be full-on energetic while maintaining a composed distance, staying on the border between Techno and Progressive Trance, taking in the elements that work from both genres and boiling them down to 8 minutes of peak-time material.

To buy the tracks, head over to Beatport.

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