Review: Deepchild – Haitian Rum Runner


Face to Face’ is a brand new Berlin based label brought to you by a veteran of the local scene Tim Xavier. Aussy based in Berlin Deepchild, has been chosen to kick things off with ‘Haitian Rum Runner’ E.P.

On the A-side is the track the E.P has taken its title from. Deepchild has given is a straight up in your face techno number, upbeat and bound to cut through any dance floor. What makes this different is the way Deepchild has fused with a slightly more soulful edge then what Berlin is typically renowned for. Pitched up chopped up vocals heavily processed and drowning in reverb is a style I’d personally find more reminiscent of nu-garage from the U.K, but its sits nicely on top of techno foundations and results with a number that could be useful for making stylistic transitions in sets.

The B-side on this release has been titled ‘Brutal bass shanty’ where Deepchild takes a bit more of a focus on playful percussion, again with big reverbs and delays ploughing elements of the track deep into a wide soundscape. The baseline is slightly more acidic, and there similar style vocals have crept hack in but played a lot more subtle role.

On remixing duties, Xavier himself has provided an acappella remix that will add a nice layer to less top end focused tunes in a mix. On the B-side JSTX slows it down a tad and adds a more harmonic gated baseline which comes up and down through a filter though out the tune, nice touch. Miro Pajic provides a digital only remix with a more bouncy techy edge.

A very solid first release from Face to Face all in all, be sure to keep an eye on what direction Xavier takes it from here!

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