Review: Fold – Mr Wood

London-based Fold returns to George Fitzgerald’s label Man Make Music with his new Mr Wood EP, a pretty class affair which falls in line with the soulful house that Fitzgerald’s ears are rather astute at detecting and unleashing onto the world.

The winner here is without a doubt the title track of the EP, Mr Wood. Fold plays give and take with this one, starting off with a snappy hi-hat and pitched-down clap combo that give the track plenty of energy, all the while only hinting at the upcoming vocal sample by filtering all the highs and mids, leaving it up to the bass to populate the audio field. The vocals gradually take the stage only to disappear again and make their way back for an all-out soulful finale. The construction of the track is simple and very effective with the drums adding real punch, accentuating the deeper aspects of the tune and even adding a slight disco feel, while the vocals simply work their magic beautifully

On second track Keif Chugwin, a reference that only British people will get, Fold goes out on a dub-inspired mission with dubbed out synth stabs, soundboy samples and shuffling drums. The ambiance contrasts quite nicely with the other songs and its interesting to hear the Jamaican influence here, seeing the prevalence of the effect that the offshoots of dub have had on UK music throughout the years. The final track No Foolin’, follows a similar formula to Mr Wood but unfortunately ends up feeling a bit too much like a filler.

Mr Wood is out now via Man Make Music. For more soulful UK house don’t forget to lock in to Fitgerald’s BBC Radio 1 residency and keep your ears peeled for the upcoming Asa 808 release on Man Make, it’s going to be a big one.

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