Review: Jerofou’s – Fiere Allure EP

JfePJerofou’s Fiere Allure EP immediately grabbed my attention because of its beautiful cover artwork. It’s a wonderful abstract image of mountains, clouds and watery reflections that was an intriguing precursor to this cleverly executed EP.

The title track – Fiere Allure, opens with intricate African influenced drum work, which continues to subtly build throughout the song. Light hearted animal samples and field recordings keep the listener engaged before the track opens up and becomes more driving with a repetitive synth that pushes things along nicely.

Steve Parker has provided the rework of Fiere Allure that doesn’t disappoint. Its much more streamlined and obvious than the original with soft yet strong House chords that give the track a flowing groove. Definitely made with the dancefloor in mind.

The third song and second Jerofou track, Regard d’en bas, shows off Jerofou’s talent much more, I feel, than the title track. The arrangement has obviously been well thought through, and it shows. Regard d’en bas evolves wonderfully with layers of vocal padding and distorted synths rising in the background. The drum work is a lot straighter and simpler but still very effective and in-keeping with the tone of the piece. Odd Vocal samples finally emerge as the track climaxes and breaks down before pulling the listener back into its warm softly euphoric arms. Harder synths permeate and delay keeping a sense of pressure present at all times. A perfect track for those nostalgic autumn moments looking back to summer as it slips away.

Two remixes of Regard d’en bas have also made their way onto the EP, first up is Sebastien San. San has taken the warmth of the original and translated it into his remix with lush pads that rise and fall throughout. A foot tapping funky beat has been employed here to great effect and compliments the track nicely. Again this rework is more dance floor orientated and dj friendly than its precursor.

The final remix, brought to you by non other than Bleak, is the final track on the EP. Bleak has totally reworked Regard d’en bas into a heavy rolling techno number with House inspired chords that are only slightly reminiscent of the original tracks vibe. This remix is clearly inspired by the great sounds that Skudge has been putting out of late, fans should take note.

Im sure from reading this that you can guess which track stands out head and shoulders above the others. Regard d’en bas will be on fixed rotation in my playlists this autumn and if Jerofou keeps up this standard then he will definitely be one to watch for the future. Out now on Cinematic recordings.

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